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Success... we all want it, right?  But the word means many things to many people.  To some is means a lot of money, a big house, a fancy car and big title at work.  To others it might mean perfect hair, an athletic body and  a gold medal.  To others it might mean sobriety, self-acceptance or freedom from disease.  It's up to you.  How you define success is directly related to your personal core values and mission in life.

Unity and Easter

In Unity we often say that Jesus is the great example, not the great exception.  That means that all that Jesus did, you can can do; or, as he says in John 14 that you will do greater things than these.  So how does that relate to the Easter experience?

Visiting Churches

For the past two weeks, I've been away from Unity of Fairfax.  As a minister, being away from one's church can be an anxiety-provoking experience... will everything be alright?  What will they think that I'm away?  Will the place be standing when I return?  As you can see, questions such as this are evidence of the minister's ego on overdrive.  Well, this minister, anyway; but my colleagues often share similar thoughts.

Going to Church

I'm staying at Unity Village, MO while I'm participating in Unity Worldwide Ministry ministry team meetings, and tomorrow is Sunday.  Since I'm not speaking at Unity of Fairfax, I have the opportunity to go to church as a congregant - a rare privilege for a minister.  So now I have to decide where to worship in the morning, and I'm grateful for the internet in helping me to make a decision.

What is Happiness?

Everyone wants to be happy, right?  But there really isn't consensus on what happiness actually is.  To some, it would be the possession of things; to others, the experience of love; to some it might be the knowledge that one's life makes a difference in the world.  The list could go on and on, and for each of us, the definition of happiness might change over time - or even over the course of a day!


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