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Variety Show 2017

On Friday, August 25, 2017, Unity of Fairfax hosted its annual Variety Show - 2 hours of pure joy!  The acts were across the board - dance, comedy, singing, skits, clowns, and even a special appearance from a famous exercise guru!

But what struck me most was a comment made by a performer who said something like, "I just love how our community encourages the creativity of its members."  I'm not sure which words meant more to me:  "our community" or "encourages creativity."  It seems natural to me that a healthy community would naturally encourage its members to share their talents.

You Matter

I chuckled to myself the other day when I saw on Facebook an ad for a t-shirt that said, "You matter.  Unless you multiply yourself by the speed of light twice... then you energy."  I was never much of a scientist, but I did watch the National Geographic program "Genius" about the life of Albert Einstein and experienced a tremendous sense of awe at the accomplishments of scientists around the world.  It's doubtful any of us will multiply ourselves by the speed of light twice, so we must do what we can with the "matter" that we are and the untapped reservoir of "energy" that we have.


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