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And so on, and so on

On Sunday, October 27 we will have at Unity of Fairfax the seventh and final talk in our Unity Awakening 2013 program based on the Eric Butterworth book In the Flow of Life.  The talk title is "Behold I Make All Things New Again," a line that comes from the Book of Revelation in the Christian Scriptures (aka New Testament) and will focus on what happens after we die.

Really?!  Yes, really.

On Giving

 For this blog entry, I'm guided to share poem by Kahlil Gibran entitled "On Giving."  It was included in the Unity Awakening 2013 workbook, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Affluenza - It's Contagious!

 There's been a lot written in Unity and New Thought about prosperity - what it is and how to demonstrate it  being key topics.  This Sunday, September 29, we will be exploring some prosperity teachings presented in the book "In The Flow of Life" by Eric Butterworth as a part of our Unity Awakening 2013 series.  In this blog post, though, I wanted to present some ideas on the subject of prosperity from Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore.  See how these words resonate with you from The Revealing Word:

Navy Yard Shooting

Few things are more discouraging than turning on the television on a Monday morning and seeing news coverage of violence - even more discouraging when that violence occurs where we live and work.

On Monday, September 16 we had that exprierence as an armed individual took 12 lives, injured many others and was in turn killed at the Navy Yard in downtown Washington, DC.  It would seem that a secure installation would not be the location of such a crime, but we have been unpleasantly surprised before.


Decisions, Decisions!

It’s wonderful serving as minister of a congregation-driven ministry. So many people have so many gifts to share... it really speaks to the power of intentional community to make a constructive impact on the world. No day goes by that I don’t give thanks for the amazing level of commitment and competency demonstrated by the individuals who make up the consciousness of Unity of Fairfax.


 I remember using the phone as a young person.  We had a rotary dial telephone, and making a call - or worse yet - several calls, could take a toll on my fingers.  Drag one number to the metal stop, then the next number, then the next number.  Long distance calls were a bear!  Then, things changed - my family got push button phones.  Things got really exciting when my mom got a Mickey Mouse phone.  She said it was to be used only for important calls in order to maintain perspective.

What's that Flag?

 On Sunday, August 4 a rainbow flag was attached to the Unity of Fairfax sign on Hunter Mill Road.  If you drive north a bit further, you’ll see another rainbow flag planted beside the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax sign.  What does it represent?  The purpose of this essay is to answer that question.


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