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 I've found in my years in ministry that there is great value in offering a Unity perspective on traditional religious observances.  An example is how at Easter we focus on the passion/crucifixion/resurrection as a model for our lives in the here and now, rather than fixating on the worn out mantra "Jesus died for your sins."

Memorial Day

On Sunday, May 25 Unity of Fairfax commemorated Memorial Day with a very special service in which our veterans played key roles.  You can watch a montage of the 9:00 a.m. service in our Video Gallery by clicking here or clicking the Video Gallery icon on the homepage.  Thanks to Steve Marcom for creating the video.  In fact, thanks go to Steve Marcom and Midd Hunt for the videos available on our website!

Mother's Day

 It's Wednesday night, May 7 and I've just finished packing.  Tomorrow I'm flying to Indiana to spend Mother's Day weekend with my parents.  It's the first time I've spent Mother's Day with my mom since 2000.  I'm eager to see not only my parents, but my other family members in Indiana.  It'll be especially wonderful to meet my new grand-niece - my niece's newly born daughter.

Easter is Breaking

 As we get closer to the magnificent celebration that is Easter, I would like to share a poem written by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz, co-minister at West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church in Rocky River, OH.


Easter is Breaking


Somewhere across the world,

Renovation Celebration

If you've visited Unity of Fairfax anytime since mid-March, you have surely noticed that the Atrium is in quite a state!  A state of transition, to be sure.  We are in the process of manifesting a new kitchen, updating the atrium, creating an administrative work area and making the bookstore more visible.

I'm happy to report that the administrative work area is essentially complete.  A few details remain, but the staff and volunteers who use the copier are absolutely thrilled with the work area.

A Day at Unity Village

 On Tuesday, March 11 I arrived at Unity Village,Missouri  the home of the Unity Movement, as part of my and Unity of Fairfax' service to the greater Unity Movement.  I'm here as a member of the Field Licensing Team, the ministry team charged with supporting ministerial candidates who are pursuing ordination while serving as spiritual leaders in their churches.  It was the same path to ordination I took, and it is an honor to provide guidance to ministers-in-training.

Prosperity Part 4

In our fourth Prosperity class, we addressed the subject of tithing.  And what a topic it is! 

When I asked about what class members knew about the subject, we were all over the place.  For some the subject  brought up horrible fears and bad experiences, while for others it was an established spiritual practice that added richness to life.  Well, that's a broad spectrum to be sure.

Prosperity Part 3

 Last night at our Prosperity class, we focused on two key topics that one must explore in order to create a lasting prosperity consciousness: gratitude and forgiveness.  Suffice it to say the conversation was rich with personal stories of how these two spiritual practices augment one's capacity to experience an abundant life.


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