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God Is All

On Sunday, May 31 I shared a few words from my Unity past that have contuined to inspire and sustain me for over 25 years.  These words were the "Opening Statement" we used at Unity Christ Church of Wimington, NC that opened the Sunday services at that ministry for many years.  There are as follows:

God is All

Both Visible and Invisible

Plato or Play-do?

 At last night's "Background of New Thought" class, we spent some time examining an idea put forth by the ancient Greek philopsopher Plato called "forms."  According to Plato, everything that exists in the material world has a correspending perfect ideal - "form" - that exists in the immaterial world.

What is New Thought

 Last night at Unity of Fairfax we started a 5-week adventure called "Background of New Thought," a spiritual education and enrichment class that explores the origins of not only Unity but other related spiritual movements.  These movements include, but are not limited to, Christian Science, Divine Science, Science of Mind, Centers for Spiritual Living, Theosophy, and Unitarian-Universalism.

How APP-propriate!

I love Silent Unity!  For 24 hours a day since 1890, Silent Unity has been in continual prayer for any concern or gratitude that anyone might have.  Initially the work was done in person, then through paper letters, then via telephone, then via email and through its website, and now, yes, there's Silent Unity app for smart phones called "uPray."  It's true!  

40 Days

 So what happens the week after Holy Week?

The logical explanation is that the preparations begin for the liturgical holiday "Ascension," the ascention of Jesus into Heaven which Luke, in the book of Acts, describes as occurring 40 days after Easter.  There's that number again - 40!

Lent was a 40 day period of preparation (well, 46 days if you include the Sundays - which the Lenten period does not), then 40 days later comes the Ascension.  

Holy Week

 Beginning with Palm Sunday on March 29, we entered the week known as Holy Week or Passion Week.  It is the week that leads up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

On Palm Sunday, I shared two different lenses with which to view Holy Week:

What's ESP?

 At the February 1 Community Dialogue meeting, I shared a concept with the Unity of Fairfax congregration about how to manifest our mission which is:  We are a vibrant spiritual community awakening each life to the Christ within.

The concept is:  Unity of Fairfax shall establish itself as a spiritual center for education, service and practice.

Ask Rev. Russ

Since I began this blog in April of 2013, I've generally written about things that are on my mind and my heart; however, the title of the blog is "Ask Rev. Russ," so from now on I'll be answering questiong sent to me through this blog or in the course of conversations I have with people.  Rest assured, unless permission to use your name is specifically given, I won't use it or in any way give away the source of the question.


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