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Since I began this blog in April of 2013, I've generally written about things that are on my mind and my heart; however, the title of the blog is "Ask Rev. Russ," so from now on I'll be answering questiong sent to me through this blog or in the course of conversations I have with people.  Rest assured, unless permission to use your name is specifically given, I won't use it or in any way give away the source of the question.

Lent and Sabbath

The time of spiritual preparation for Easter, Lent, began on Wednesday, February 18 with an observance called Ash Wednesday.  Lent is a 40 day period of contemplation and was one of the reasons why we selected "Sabbath: Finding Rest, Delight and Renewal in our Busy Lives" as the focus of our current talk series.


As Unity of Fairfax engages in the 7-week study of the book Sabbath, by Wayne Muller, I thought it might be interesting to read what Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore had to say on the subject.  Here’s an entry from the book Keep a True Lent in which Fillmore addresses the Sabbath:


On Sunday, February 8 we will launch a 7-week Sunday talk and small group series at Unity of Faifax based on Wayne Muller's book:

Sabbath: Finding Rest, Delight and Renewal in our Busy Lives


April 1 will mark my 2nd anniversary at Unity of Fairfax - time that has flown by.  What a remarkable journey this has been.  If I were to list the blessings I have received while serving as Senior Minister, the list would be miles long.

Marcus Borg, a Hero

 It was with great sadness that I read of the passing of one of the world's great contemporary Bible scholars, Marcus Borg.  Borg's work has been a great inspiration to me and allowed me to see the Bible as a living inspiration.  

I'm copying an obitiuary here in hopes that it will inspire others to pursue his work which can all be found on his website: 





Welcome 2015!

 A New Year is dawning, the days are getting longer and our intentions for 2015 are coming into view.  It's a wonderful time to be alive and ponder the possibilities of what our lives can be.  As an affirmation for the New Year, I'd like to share these words with you by Neil Gaiman:

Death at the Holidays

 There's a phenomenon I've been aware of since entering the ministry - a seemingly high number of persons make their transitions around the holidays, around the winter solstice, at year end.  This year does not appear to be any different.  I'm aware of several individuals who have transitioned in the last couple of weeks.  Why is that?

Good question.  I've come up with a few answers:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving isn't only one day a year - it's a way of life.  Meister Eckhart, the 13th century German mystic said, "If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is 'thank you," it will be enough."

I encourage you to commit to saying thank you often.  You'll be amazed at how prosperous you are!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace be with you and namaste!


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