2018 - Sunday Youth Classes Begin at 10:00 AM

January 2018 is the beginning of a wonderful experiment for Unity of Fairfax and our Youth Program. The experiment involves every member of our congregation, our various teams and organizations. It involves you.

For years, Unity has followed the popular trend in Sunday School: to have the children go to class while the adults go to the service. The thinking was that this shows sensitivity to the various stages of childhood development and is better for everyone. Churches everywhere followed this model and as the years past by a disturbing new trend developed. Church attendance dropped markedly.

  • At Unity of Fairfax, our third principle states: We create our reality through the thoughts we hold in consciousness.

We asked ourselves what are we holding in consciousness in regards to our youth? Are we thinking that children don't belong in the service? Are we thinking that children will be bored? Are we giving lip service to being a multi-generational place, yet not holding that in our consciousness?

After much thought, we decided to hold in thought that children belong in the service as ACTIVE participants, involved in its activities, its worships, its rituals, and its teachings.

10:00 AM Sunday Youth Classes

In 2018, we will hold Sunday youth classes at 10:00 a.m. They will have their classes at the same time adults attend classes, allowing families to attend small group instruction aimed at their interests.

Families can attend worship together at the 9 or the 11 a.m. services. Children and their families will be involved in learning about the various parts of the church and their duties.

It's a learning, growing situation for all of us. Your feedback, ideas and participation are important!