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Get Connected


Unity of Fairfax offers every individual multiple opportunities to connect with others and make a difference


Volunteer and Connect

 One way to feel a sense of belonging at Unity of Fairfax is to volunteer side by side or meet socially with others who care about the same things you care about. There are six areas in which you can contribute and connect:


To learn more about any of the volunteer teams, click on the name of the team listed below or get in touch with the Point of Contact.


Sunday Support

Sunday Support teams ensure a smooth
running service week after week.

Community Support

These teams support our community with good
communications, loving correspondence and
help for individuals in need.




Social Action

Social Action provides opportunities for all to contribute
to our church community and to the larger community
in which we live.



Spiritual Exploration

Spiritual exploration allows each individual
to tap into Spirit’s divine inspiration in small
group settings.


EarthCare fosters awareness of our spiritual
oneness with our Earth home and promotes
active care of thesacred land used by Unity of Fairfax.




Sacred Services Ministries Coordinator   

For more information about our Sacred Service Ministries, please contact Gretchen Horst:  Gretchen@bigplanet.com





    Last updated on October 4, 2014